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Sheng Long Electric Heating Technology Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of industry heaters and thermocouples for over 20years. our aim has been to offer the best industry heaters and thermocouples to our customers. The highest technological standards are used in their manufacture. We ensure first class quality in our products. Before our products are incorporated into the industry heaters and thermocouples, they must undergo the strictest quality tests. Therefore, we are able to supply the most suitable and reliable heaters and thermocouples.We have evolved from a large supplier of the appliance industry to become a quality supplier to a variety of OEM’s in the industrial, medical, commercial, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration or air conditioning and military fields. In addition, we can supply compatible accessory items, which enable us to offer a complete heater system. Whether you are putting together a new heating, replacing or upgrading an existing...